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     Inspired from my experience of teaching music to children, I am working on a project to give a free music workshop to low income and underprivledged children of South Florida.  I'm looking into schools and community centers.  I'm looking to buy 50 used casio keyboards or equivalent.  Also looking for used guitars.  In my project, up to 50 kids will play instruments together in a "school band" type setting where I play a blues pattern while they play the "blues notes" that I teach them.  My goal is to share with them the joy of music.  If out of 50 kids, if I inspire at least one, I've made a difference.


I plan to have all the details worked out by September 2010.  If anyone has any ideas or can help in any way ( effort, advice, networking, contacts, friends, or just curious about the project), please call, text or email me:

(561) 998-9192 


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Phone (561) 998-9192  or  (561) 283-1122















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